World Oral Health Day relies on everyone's collective actions to reach different audiences and spread important oral health messages far and wide. Be inspired by previous campaigns.

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    Manila Water Foundation

    Manila Water Foundation World Oral Health Day 2020 video

    Clean water is essential to toothbrushing

    The Manila Water Foundation (MWF) did a remake of the official WOHD20 campaign launch video. The video was shown in every Ayala Malls Cinemas nationwide for the whole month of March 2020, reaching about 400,000 cinema goers in total. This remake video was also promoted on social media...

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    Tunisian Association of Dental Students traveled by bus across the country to spread awareness raising messages about good oral health

    Tunisian dental students embark on bus tour to lead the country to optimal oral health

    The Tunisian Association of Dental Students (TDSA) is a member of the International Association of Dental Students Members (IADS). This enthusiastic group of students travelled across Tunisia by bus...

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    WOHD20 Hellenic Dental Association

    Hellenic Dental Association members displayed World Oral Health Day logo on Greek Parliament building

    World Oral Health Day Awards 2020 winner: Best Media Campaign

    The Hellenic Dental Association’s (EOO) World Oral Health Day initiatives were featured in various online, print, radio and TV media, despite the fact that many of the planned activities had to be cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled...

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    WOHD awards 2020 best branded photo_cr

    World Oral Health Day poster was displayed on LED screens of Shenzen Hospital

    World Oral Health Day Awards 2020 winner: Best Branded Photo

    In China, the Stomatology Center of Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University adapted the WOHD20 poster and displayed it with oral health activity information on several LED display screens of Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical…

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    WOHD awards 2020 best social media campaign

    World Oral Health Day Awards 2020 winner: Best Social Media Campaign

    In addition to conducting an outreach activity at Kigamboni Primary School in early February, the Tanzania Dental Students Association (TDSA) ran an oral health awareness campaign on social media during the five days leading up to World Oral…