Award categories

For FDI members

Most educational activity

Recognizes hands-on contributions to increase oral health literacy among the public, e.g. through schools programmes, educational lectures and oral health awareness workshops.

Award criteria*:

  • Number and variety of activities and their reach, i.e. number of participants
  • Stakeholder involvement, e.g. government officials
  • Distribution of educational materials
  • Media and social media coverage
  • Use of the WOHD theme and materials

*This Award is sponsored by our Global Partner, Unilever. 

Best media campaign

Recognizes WOHD campaigns that generate significant buzz in traditional or online media, and across a range of platforms, e.g. newspapers, radio, television, blogs and social media.

Award criteria*:

  • Number of press conference attendees
  • News articles generated
  • Audiences reached by media type, including online (page visits, social media likes and comments, etc.)
  • Circulation of press release and use of WOHD social media assets
  • Use of the WOHD theme and materials


Award categories for Students Associations*

Most original activity

Recognizes WOHD activities that make a lasting impression because they are unique in promoting oral health messages among the public.

Award criteria*:

  • Number of participants
  • Collaboration with external partners, e.g. schools, shopping centres, hospitals and government
  • Innovation and originality
  • Impact through dissemination of take-home messages and/or oral care items
  • Use of the WOHD theme and materials 

*This Award is sponsored by our Global Partner, Dentsply Sirona

Best social media campaign

Recognizes campaigns that successfully put WOHD in the social spotlight and encourage people to join the conversation on oral health.

Award criteria*:

  • Number of social media posts, including their engagement and reach
  • Appropriate use of WOHD, and other oral health related hashtags
  • Presence across a range of social media platforms
  • Influencer involvement
  • Dissemination of WOHD social media assets

For oral health professionals, the wider healthcare community and the general public (non-FDI members)

Best campaign by a dental practice or other healthcare setting

Recognizes campaigns that reach out to local communities and educate them about the importance of oral and overall health.

Award criteria*:

  • Number and variety of activities and their reach, i.e. number of participants
  • Display and distribution of WOHD materials
  • Social media messaging and engagement
  • External collaboration, e.g. cross-sector, national association, school

Best branded photo

Celebrates the best use of the WOHD brand in a single snapshot, while engaging and inspiring others to look after their oral health.

Award criteria*:

  • Use of the WOHD logo and theme
  • Visibility of WOHD campaign materials
  • Captures a fun and engaging WOHD moment
  • Good quality photo (1800 x 1200 pixels minimum)


*Please note that depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic situation evolves, FDI World Dental Federation reserves the right to modify award criteria and prizes.