World Oral Health Day Awards 2020 winner: Best Branded Photo

In China, the Stomatology Center of Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University adapted the WOHD20 poster and displayed it with oral health activity information on several LED display screens of Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University on 20 March.

Educate and raise awareness

The Center also distributed free oral health educational manuals and World Oral Health Day leaflets to the public to popularize the importance of oral health.

In total, close to 500 members of the public and primary school students came to the hospital that day. The objective was to raise awareness and encourage them to participate in the fun oral health activities. The same information was also published on the Center’s official social media account (WeChat).

Partnering for oral health

The hospital partnered with FDI member the Chinese Stomatological Association (CSA) and several primary schools.

WOHD awards 2020 best branded photo_cr

World Oral Health Day poster was displayed on LED screens of Shenzen Hospital