The toothbrushing song challenge

The Estonian Dental Students Association (EDSA) is a member of the International Association of Dental Students Members (IADS). For World Oral Health Day 2020, they organized a challenge called “What Is Your Go-To Toothbrushing Song?” to spread awareness about oral health.

Oral hygiene can be fun

The aim of the challenge was to not only show participants that an oral hygiene routine is important and positively influences overall health, but also that it can actually be a fun activity.

EDSA members filmed several of their own videos with advice and toothbrushing techniques as an example to encourage viewers to develop their own toothbrushing song-and-dance videos.


The participants who made the best videos received electric toothbrushes as prizes. What a meaningful gift!

Estonian Dental Students Association

Preview of a video sent for the Toothbrushing Song Challenge