+ Saúde para você - Itajaí/SC


The + Saúde Pra Você event took place on April 5th, at Praça Arno Bauer, in the center of Itajaí. It is carried out by the Health and Well-being Center.


On April 5th, Friday, the Health and Wellbeing Center of ACII – NSBE will promote the event + Saúde Pra Você. Throughout the day, from 9am to 5pm, professionals from different areas of Health will be at Praça Arno Bauer, next to the Casa da Cultura, in the center of Itajaí, providing free services.

With the slogan “Live better, live longer”, the event is in partnership with the Municipal Health Department of Itajaí. Check out the list of services that will be offered below.


>> Examination to evaluate vitamins and minerals

Raiz Clinic – Nutritionist

>> Examination to evaluate intestinal dysbiosis

Raiz Clinic – Nutritionist

>> Fertility assessment exam

Raiz Clinic – Nutritionist

>> Examination to assess body composition

Raiz Clinic – Nutritionist

>> Cook healthier

Raiz Clinic – Natural Chef

>> Assessment of intestinal health through the eyes

Águia Space – Nutritionist

>> Psychoeducation in mental health

Greice Ferreira – Psychologist

>> Skin analysis and facial hydration

Ioná Baumgartner – Advanced aesthetics

>> Identification and guidance on podiatry

Ivone and team – Podiatry

>> Relaxation and physical recovery session for athletes

PulseCOR Clinic – Physiotherapist

>> Guidance and assessment of vaccination records

SESI – Team

>> Guidance on hearing health

SESI – Speech therapist

>> Detox through the feet

Eagle Space – Therapist

>> Myths and truths about food

Espaço Águia and Clínica Raiz – Nutritionist

>> Auriculotherapy

Eagle Space – Therapist

>> Stretching class

Balmo Clinic – Instructor

>> Applying a bandage to reduce muscle pain

Cínica Balmo – Physiotherapist

>> Myofascial release session

Cínica Balmo – Instructor

>> Assessment of postural and gait dysfunctions

Cínica Balmo – Physiotherapist

>> Assessment for respiratory prevention

PulseCOR Clinic – Physiotherapist

>> Global assessment of respiratory strength

PulseCOR Clinic – Physiotherapist

>> Diagnostics and actions for companies and healthcare professionals


>> Oral health education

Celebrate Smiling Clinic – Dental Surgeon

Laudares Clinic – Dental Surgeon




Rua Hercilio Luz, Centro

Centro Histórico de Itajaí