QDSA Oral Health Day


Booth run by Dental Students of QDSA

Activities include: 

- Tooth brushing demonstration using big Jaw and Toothbrush Model

- Tooth flossing demonstration using big Jaw and Toothbrush Model

- Kahoot quiz "Myth or Fact" of popular oral health beliefs 

- Teeth stickers prizes for winners

- Answering Oral Health inquiries 

With a social Media Campaign that included:

- Quiz on QDSA's instagram account story for general oral health facts

- Reel posted on the QDSA's instagram account promoting Oral Health and stating statistical facts

- Short videos stating oral health facts on story with suitable visualization 

- Coverage of the booth activities 

- Short video on correct toothbrushing technique on the story

- Provided FDI and World Oral Health Day as additional resources on the story




Qatar University, H12 building

Qatar University, College of Dental Medicine