A Healthy Mouth Is A Healthy Body


A Healthy Mouth Is A Healthy Body - A Series of Activities for the 3ยท20 World Oral Health Day.

On the occasion of the "March 20" World Oral Health Day, the prevention team of Shenyang Stomatology Hospital conducted a series of popular science activities linking primary schools and kindergartens, and carried out popular science lectures and free fluoride application in 1 primary school and 6 kindergartens in the city. At the event, we conducted lectures on dental knowledge, vividly presenting oral health knowledge to children through storytelling, playing cartoons, and model display. We distributed oral knowledge brochures and gifts, and the interactive question-and-answer session mobilized the enthusiasm of children. At the same time, we edited the content of the oral lecture and distributed it to the parent group to make parents pay more attention to oral health. In addition, we also printed promotional posters and distributed them to various designated medical institutions, achieving full coverage of popular science propaganda. This event achieved remarkable results and improved children's understanding and attention to oral health.




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