[Cavity Free Future] Toothie the Beaver impacted the lives of 1500 people in Croatia


The Center for Dental Medicine Orto Nova organized various activities on the occasion of World Oral Health Day 2024, including collaboration with educational institutions, community programs, and special initiatives for children with difficulties.

Through the "Cavity-Free Future" project, we created a special program called "Say Ahh," which, due to great interest, grew into the first oral hygiene school in Croatia. Through these efforts, we reached diverse populations, including children with Down syndrome, and achieved goals such as inclusion and raising public awareness for children with special needs. Our center collected over 3000€ in donations for an association with special gift cards for dental services, and the project was supported by the Curaprox organization.

Our project involved more than 1500 children and adults, reached over 100,000 views online through various communication channels. We have also translated promotional WOHD materials into Croatian, which highlighted the message and main slogan of the Toothie the Braver in presentations, ads, and videos. The "Cavity-Free Future" project was supported by all portals in the region, and it garnered the attention of the city of Rijeka, with whom we will start a joint event for all the institutional educators in 2025.


🦷🌍 These efforts significantly increased participation in World Oral Health Day activities and make small country as Croatia very visible on the map of the activities. Join our revolution and explore our other activities that we plan to carry out throughout the year: 

- Become a Dentist for a Day
- Smile and Sports Festival
- Free Lifetime Dental Care Competition
- Free Dental Care for Homeless Program
- Humanitarian Makeover for people in need
- Free Dental Care for People with Special Needs 

Our activities are poised for growth in 2025, positioning Toothie the Braver as one of the most renowned dentists in Europe."



Name of association/organization
Orto Nova - Dental Medical Center
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Project Free Future Cavity, Program Say Aaah supported by Curaprox, First Oral Hygiene School in Croatia, Become a dentist for one day, Smile and Sports Festival supported by Basketball Club Zamet, Free Lifetime Dental Care Competition
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Dental check-ups
Media event
School visit
Social media campaign

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Through educational and interactive entertainment programs, we aim to transform children's and adults perceptions of dentists, fostering a positive attitude towards oral health and encouraging regular check-ups. The primary mission and objective of this project address our country's alarming statistics on the global scale concerning cavities and tooth extractions. 

To impact these metrics consistently, we have resolved to dedicate ourselves fully in 2024. Consequently, we have devised a range of initiatives meticulously tailored to address various segments of the population:
For Ages 3-14:

Project Free Future Cavity 14/04/2023 - Present
Program Say Aaah, supported by Curaprox - 15/07/2023 - Present
Inauguration of the First Oral Hygiene School in Croatia -15/03/2024 - Present

For Ages 14-20:
"Become a Dentist for a Day" program 15/05/2024
Smile and Sports Festival, endorsed by Basketball Club Zamet 15/07/2024

For Ages 20-50:
Free Lifetime Dental Care Competition 15/06/2024

Additionally, for individuals in need or with special requirements, we have curated the following initiatives:

Program for Free Dental Care for Homeless Individuals 06/01/2024 - Present
Humanitarian Makeover for those in need 15/02/ 2024 - Present
"Tree of Smiles" initiative, bolstered by collaboration with all National News Portals. 15/11/2023-15/12/2023
Free Dental Care for People with Special Needs 05/01/2024 - Present