World Oral Health Day Awards 2020 winner: Best Social Media Campaign

In addition to conducting an outreach activity at Kigamboni Primary School in early February, the Tanzania Dental Students Association (TDSA) ran an oral health awareness campaign on social media during the five days leading up to World Oral Health Day 2020.

Including a wide range of students

With the aim of raising oral health awareness among Tanzanians, TDSA collaborated with several other student associations, including the Tanzania Medical Students Association, the Tanzania Pharmacy Students Association, the Tanzania Nursing Students Association and Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences.

TDSA also included non-medical students, such as those from the Tanzania Dental Association Rotary Club of Young Professionals and the Tanzania Environmental Students Association.

300 posters

TDSA’s social media campaign posted posters with oral health messages on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Messages were written in both English and Swahili. TDSA produced close to 300 individual posters with different oral health messages meant to apply to a broad and diverse audience.

Tanzania Dental Students Association (TDSA)

Preview of pinned Tweet by the Tanzania Dental Students Association