Let's Talk About Oral Health

Mashhad Dental students will celebrate WOHD 2019 through communicating with people about oral health, explaining how to clean their teeth using toothbrushes, dental floss, and fluoride mouthrinse.Also, they will talk about causes and riskfactors of dental caries, heathy nutrition to provide oral health and general health in Mashhad Mellat park,  In front of a shoping mall, University campus, and one kindergarten.

World Oral Health Day 2019

On 20th March 2019, the faculty and students of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) will be celebrating WOHD'19 in accordance with the theme of this year. An oral health awareness session along with basic dental screening of underprivliged children will be carried out followed by distribution of toothcare kits to them. Apart from this, a poster and table clinic competetion between dental students, highlighting the effects of oral disese on systemic health, has also been organized.

Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental

El Centro Nacional de Programas Preventivos y Control de Enfermedades (CENAPRECE) a través del Programa de Nacional de Salud Bucal, hace una invitación a todas las Instituciones del Sector Salud, Asociaciones Gremiales, Universidades y Facultades, así como a los 32 Responsables Estatales del Programa de Salud Bucal,  a redoblar esfuerzos este 20 de marzo del 2019, “Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental” e intensificar las acciones preventivas y difundir a través de sus medios de comunicación el mensaje de “Cepíllate los dientes al menos tres veces al día”, así como el lema de

Polska mówi #aaa! (Poland says #ahh!)

"Poland says #aah!" is the largest campaign in the country dedicated to oral health. The main organizer of the campaign is the Polish Dental Association and partners: the Chief Medical Chamber, Be Active Dentist and the ewiDENTniepr agency. The idea of ​​the action is consistent with the objectives of the World Dental Federation, but the campaign also implements local goals. In 2019, the main themes are: excessive sugar intake, prevention of oral cancer and treatment of milk teeth.

The campaign includes:

WOHD Campaign for Orphans in Yangon

I'm Dr. Kyaw Min Thu from Yangon, Myanmar. I'm currently also an EC member of APDSA. To celebrate WOHD19, I'd like to plan an event for Orphans. 

Why Orphans?

1. They are most likely to be the ones that are unaware of dental health education and most certain that they got less dental care when compared with other children in Yangon and

2. There is also an orphanage near my private dental practice.

So that event will include 

1. Free dental check-ups (oral screening)

Health enters Body through Mouth

In September 2018, continuous campaign for the prevention of oral diseases, which is continuously implemented by Dentistry of Primary Health Care in the Nišava district through monthly lectures and sessions in schools and local communities, was named Say Ahh, Act on Mouth Health with the added motto Health Enters Body through Mouth according to the Serbian proverb.

Act On Mouth Health With DSSA-MUST

In DSSA-MUST, we’re aiming to increase awareness about dental caring and daily routine for a better dental health. Nowadays, our goal is widening to increase awareness for every person whatever his age, his job, his place or his disability. To achieve such a goal, we are about to make a thread of on land campaigns in different places associated with social media campaigns.