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"Come and celebrate on 20th March and join a global movement. "World Oral Health Day is celebrated globally every year on 20 March to highlight the importance of oral health for a healthy body. We  recommend practicing good oral care, avoiding risk factors such as an unhealthy diet - particularly one high in sugar, and having regular dental check-ups to protect oral health and general health at all ages.

World Oral health Day In Georgia

Georgian Dental Association along with its partners joins the celebration of World Oral Health Day. Besides educational events, media and social media campaigns will be held using influencers. The most famous dentists and dental clinics representatives recorded a social video for Georgian people and it will be aired on medical television channels as well as published on social networks exactly on March 20th.  


Say Ahh RDSA Campaign

We shall reach out for the primary school and ordinary level of high school of Groupe Scholaire Kicukiro, in primary the number is 1450 and in ordinary level 835 students in total approximately 2300 students.  The event is scheduled on 20th March at the school G.S Kicukiro and will start at 11 AM as planned, it will consist of raising the oral hygiene practice as prevention for oral disease, that's basically teaching, and proper diet exhibition, at the pitch students will get into the activity in 3 different series. 

Let's Smile Bangladesh

Smile of Bangladesh is non government organization entirely run by the professional Dental surgeons. Let's smile Bangladesh, is the awareness raising campaign implemented by Smile of Bangladesh. This year we are going to arrange Dental health campaigning in tannery area in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We hope these underprivileged workers and their children will get knowledge about good oral hygiene and world oral health day. Our program includes:

1. Lecture on oral health maintainance.

2. Demonstration of proper toothbrushing method. 


This year, we plan to Act on mouth health by creating awareness in the community for our event that will give education on importance of Oral hygiene and frequent dental checkups among others. We will begin with a walk from town to School of Dentistry, Moi University, where we will provide oral health education and free dental check ups and consultation and treatment mainly minor surgical procedures (extractions) for those that need them, later on we shall follow up on the patients for further treatment and reviews.