Live mouth smart

Being in state of war and financial state our public is losing interest in oral health overall and in order to promote, remind our public about their health is least we can do as being responsible individuals in this community, in order to make our community at least to smile in oral health day would be a massive accomplishment as future dentists and citizens of Kurdistan.


Day 1. 20th March 2017

Awareness walk to Shehu's palace ( Chairman Borno State Traditional council ) and Oral health talk on how to LIVE MOUTH SMART to Districts and wards heads . -Objectives; for effective dissemination of the campaign to their subjects.

Day 2. 21st March 2017

Free Consultation and Treatment at BOKO HARAM TERRORISM VICTIMS IDP( Internally Displaced Persons Camp) Objective: Humanitarian Service.

Bright Smiles, Bright futures

The World Oral Health Day 2017 has the Caption "Bright Smiles, Bright future". Our Objectives are;
1. Focusing on Prevention; we aim to educate the unelightened masses in the rural communities on need to maintain Good Oral Hygiene practices (good Brushing habits, etc) which will reduce predisposing facors that are implicated in Oral health diseases before they occur

Sharda University , School of dental Sciences , Dept of public Health Organise free Check up on wheels for the Adopted village

World Oral Health Day' Dept. of Public Health Dentistry, School of Dental Sciences (SDS), Sharda University is going to Conduct a 'World Oral Health Week' from 20th March to 24th March 2017. On this occasion, the series of events are as follows:
E-Poster competition, Quiz Competition and Smile with a Selfie Contest on 20th March 2017.
Meet, Talk and Treat on Site Activity on 21st March 2017.
Dant Aarogya Mela at Girdharpur (Adopted Village) on 22nd March 2017.
Treatment on Wheels on 24th March 2017.

Just Smile with Just Dental , This World Oral Health Day Free Screening at All 13 centers across India.

This World Oral Health Day ,Just Dental offers you a free Oral Cancer Screening check up. You can visit any of our centres for Cancer Screening and Tobacoo Cessation.
Just Dental in association with Manata Cancer Foundation , strives to diminish the cancer caused by tobacco and other symptoms of oral cancer. Let's Fight together for this noble cause.
Just Smile With Just Dental India Lets Smile Together!

Palanadu Smiles

This campaign aspires to promote oral health care and encourage children to inculcate healthy oral care habits.
This aims to Provide 200 children with toothpaste and a brush and show them the right brushing technique.
Engage the services of dental surgeons to sensitize children and other population groups on the prevention of dental caries. Diagnose and offer medication for basic oral care issues where necessary