Action plan for WOHD

In the period from March 20 to April 1, 2019, our  Association (RADSYD) in collaboration with the International Federation of Dentists holds a campaign dedicated to the "World Day of Oral Health", during which the association volunteers - students, dentists, residents and young doctors will teach passers by the rules of oral hygiene (brushing teeth), proper diet, the need to visit the dentist, a healthy lifestyle.
In honor of this day, informational booklets on oral hygiene will be distributed,
promotion of measures for the prevention of dental diseases, as well as carrying out activities
aimed at drawing public attention to their dental health.
Brochures, a small toothpaste probe (sachet), and coloring books will be issued as gifts and a motivating element.

A World Oral Health Day will help raise public awareness about
dental diseases, as well as directly introduce and promote
preventive measures to prevent these diseases.

Les écoles du Royaume-Uni se classent à la dernière place en matière de provision d'éducation sur la santé bucco-dentaire, d'après une enquête menée par la FDI dans 13 pays

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