Online selfie campaigns have helped organizations raise awareness of their causes and spurred on fundraising too. Let’s start our own campaign and help start a new trend for the sake of happiness and well-being.

Launching the #MouthProudChallenge for Oral Health Professionals

This World Oral Health Day, show us how you, as an Oral Health professional, make your patients smile in your daily practice by taking part in the #MouthProudChallenge.

Post a video or a photo of yourself and the person you are making smile today, using the online poster tool or Instagram and Facebook filters. Describe what you are doing such as demonstrating a good dental hygiene practice, relieving toothache and pain fast, or just flashing a natural smile to cheer someone up.

Make sure to nominate four colleagues to do the same!

Additional examples of realization: making a child’s first experience with their dentist an empowering adventure with superhero costumes; playing games ; simply pointing out things that naturally make someone smile.

Good oral health makes us feel good and has an impact on our happiness and well-being. Good oral care gives people a reason to smile. With this challenge, we are calling on Oral Health Professionals to show how their daily work has an impact on people’s smiles and quality of life.

Mouth Proud Challenge

Launching the #MouthProudChallenge for all other audiences

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#MouthProud frame

Go #MouthProud! Join the #MouthProudChallenge and get involved this World Oral Health Day! A healthy mouth is a happy mouth, and we want you to be proud of it.

What are you doing to value and take care of your mouth? What actions are you taking to be proud of your mouth for your happiness and wellbeing?

Tell us by taking part in the #MouthProudChallenge: use the online poster tool or Instagram and Facebook filters to capture yourselves doing an activity that makes you #MouthProud, such as brushing and flossing properly, cutting on sugary treats, eating a healthy meal, or visiting the dentist for a #DentalCheckup.

Describe what you are doing and nominate four friends to do the same!

#WOHD22 #MouthProudChallenge #GoMouthProud