World Oral Health Day 2022 Campaign by the Russian Dental Association


The Russian Dental Association (RDA) is organizing a large campaign in order to raise awareness of the importance of the oral health among the population holding a social media campaign by circulating information on WOHD and the importance of maintaining good oral health to be “proud of your mouth”.

This year we stress attention on the importance of onco-screening of mouth cavity.

March 19 - open days in dental clinics all other the Russia. Patients are providing free oral examination by autofluorescence stomatoscopy for the purpose of cancer alertness.

University dental students and dental hygienists will be actively distributing pamphlets to encourage patients to take oral self-examinations.

March 21

Round table in a hybrid format with the President of the RDA, the Chief Dental Officer of Russia, leading specialists in oncological diagnostics, regional dental associations and other participants involved in the organization of the WOHD. Teleconference with Regions of Russia for exchange information of WOHD celebration.

March 21

As a part of continuing educational campaign, the Volunteer Dental student’s associations together with dental hygienists under supervision of university staff will give an oral health lessons to all-age patients in dental and university clinics.


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