WOHD Exposition - Happy Mouth Happy Body; Theme: Practising dentistry beyond walls


The exhibition aligns with the vision of the World Health Organization's World Health Assembly 2021 and 2023 resolutions, emphasizing the importance of a robust dental public health system. We'll explore the rationale for utilizing:

  • Education: We'll showcase educational programs that empower communities to prioritize oral health, fostering preventive practices.The exhibition delves into the idea of transcending traditional limitations in dentistry. We explore concepts like:
  • Breaking( Moving beyond) the Walls of Practice: We'll showcase models that extend dental care beyond the confines of traditional clinics, reaching underserved communities and fostering inclusive solutions.
  • Financial Accessibility: We'll address strategies to overcome financial limitations for both patients and dental professionals, ensuring equitable access to oral healthcare.

The exposition had two sessions; the seminar session and a free dental checkup/scaling and polishing session for participants.

  • The target audience includes: students, teachers, public health professionals, primary healthcare workers, advocacy groups for children's health
  • Location: Christabel Schools, Wuye, Abuja
  • The idea of doing dentistry beyond limitations: walls of practice, financial restraints both on patients and doctors, beyond location: urban and rural.
  • The rationale of a well established dental public health care system: WHO world health assembly 2021, 2023 resolution, utilizing education, workplaces etc to promote and establish dental care
  • Oral health policy implementation - Rationale of training PHW and CHW to strengthen oral health care and increase service delivery.





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