WOHD 2022 at the 10th Athens Half Marathon 2022


WOHD 2022 at the 10th Athens Half Marathon 2022


At the 10th Athens Half Marathon, a “day of joy for the Running Movement”, which, this year, coincides with the World Oral Health Day, March 20, the Hellenic Dental Association will promote the oral health messages through leaflets on sugar https://www.eoo.gr/fylladia/

and the damage of excess sugar consumption on athletes, with leaflets and bookmarks to be distributed, (bookmark: see link:[ https://www.eoo.gr/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/%CF%83%CE%B5%CE%BB%CE%B9%CE%B4%CE%BF%CE%B4%CE%B5%CE%B9%CC%81%CE%BA%CF%84%CE%B7%CF%82-%CE%A0%CE%97%CE%A3%CE%A5-2022.pdf] from the info point of the event at the starting point of the games, to approximately 20,000 athletes, volunteers and the public (Half Marathon runners and participants at 5 km). On the other hand, a large screen (2 m.)  at the same spot, will repeatedly display the WOHD 2022 video, the TV spot of the Hellenic Dental Association, https://www.eoo.gr/pagkosmia-imera-stomatikis-ygeias-2022/, the self-examination of oral cancer, and any other promo material.

Info: https://www.eoo.gr/

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