Smile Wide and Be Proud: WOHD 2022 Palestine


The WOHD 2022 in Palestine for this year will be celebrated over different events as follows:

1.  28/2/2022 Therapeutic and Preventive oral health mission to an underserved community 

2.  11/3/2022  Marathon in the main city of the West Bank, Ramallah devoted to WOHD celebration and the launch of the National Oral Health Committee 

3.  15/3/2022 A visit to the old city of Jerusalem for dental check-ups and educational activities 

4.  20/3/2022  A raising awareness activity at Al-Quds University including dental check-ups, referrals and education 

Main collaborators in these events: 

1. The Palestinian Dental Association 

2. The Ministry of Health 

3. The Ministry of Education

4. Al-Quds University, College of Dentistry 

5. The Palestinian Dental Student Association PADS

6. The Palestinian Medical Relief Society/ TUG

7. Sharek Youth Symposium 


University Main Street
Palestinian Territories

Different Locations