Smile on the Go

Dental check-ups

The Asia Pacific Dental Student Association, Pakistan division, in collaboration with the community dentistry department of Islamic International Dental College, organized the Camp. The Camp registered 29 volunteers, including HOs, two students in the final year, three in the 3rd year, and one in the 2nd year. The team of volunteers screened about 100 children with special needs. This Camp aimed to provide a marginalized community with much-needed dental checkups and oral hygiene awareness sessions. The Oral Hygiene Awareness sessions were given to caretakers of intellectually disabled students, and those with better cognitive function and hearing impairment were given Oral Hygiene Instructions instructions. The children were also given goodie bags from Colgate.


Camp 1 # Dewa institute J5X5+XRX، Park Road, Tamma Rd, Tarlai Kalan - Camp 2# House 163-A, Ata-ul-Haq Rd, Westridge 1
Rawalpindi, Camp 3 # Plot # 216, Street # 7, I-9/2

1)Dewa Institute of Special Education, 2) Child Development Center (Westridge), 3) Step to Learn Child Development