Shanghai Qizheng Dental Clinic 2022 20 March Report on World Oral Health Day activities


Shanghai Qizheng Dental Clinic 2022 20 March Report on World Oral Health Day activities
World Oral Health Day (WOHD), was launched from 22 February 2022 to 21 March 2022 under the leadership of President Hu Xinyuan (a member of the Chinese Dental Association).
1、Poster sharing: 4 posters with Chinese version were produced and displayed in the outpatient department, covering thousands of people;and the electronic version was sent to about 4,000 corporate WeChat friends.
2、Leaflets sharing: A total of 4,500 leaflets in 9 sections targeting family, children, diet and oral hygiene were produced and sent to outpatients in a targeted manner, to be picked up at will in the display board at the entrance of the outpatient department and sent electronically to corporate WeChat friends in a targeted manner.
3、Share the core information cards: Print 500 copies of each core information card produced by the Chinese Dental Association and distribute them to all outpatients within one month of the campaign, and send electronic copies to corporate WeChat friends.
4、Learning activities manual: 15 medical staff members studied the "Health staff version of the learning manual".
5、Personalised posters: The Director and all doctors uploaded and produced personalised posters and encouraged all new and existing patients of the clinic to participate in them, sharing and promoting oral health knowledge and concepts through their WeChat friend circle.
6、Community events: 2 sharing events were held in 2 nearby communities, with leaflets and core information cards distributed, reaching approximately 500 people and 10 medical staff involved in the events.
7、Lecture: On 27 February 2022, an in-hospital lecture on "Dental Health Protection for 5-year-olds" will be delivered by Dr Wang Qingchen, with a gift of an oral health protection kit for 10 families.
8、Live show: On 20 March 2022, a WeChat LIVE talk on "Common Oral Diseases and Oral Health Care for the Elderly" will be given by President Hu Xinyuan.

9、Complimentary oral care products: 10 neighbourhood councils, 1 kindergarten and 1 secondary school were given oral care products, including dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash.
10、Two activities for young dentists were held: one for the kindergarten group and one for the secondary group. The activities included a visit to the dentist, tooth painting, brushing competition and plaque testing, which were fun and educational at the same time.
The month has come to an end and we will continue to build on our efforts to spread oral hygiene knowledge.


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