School of Stomatology 3.20 World Oral Health Day Free Clinic Successfully Held!

Dental check-ups

On March 20,World Oral Health Day, the Stomatological Society of the school of Stomatologyand the Teeth Youth Volunteer Service team jointly carried out a free oral clinic activity in AngelSquare.In this activity, students of Grade 2021 of the School of Stomatology conducted free oral health examination and popularized the knowledge of dental health to the school students.During this activity, they also made good use of their professional knowledge to serve the students and answer their questions.The volunteers maintained on-site order and guided incoming students to seek medical treatment.Everything went on in good order.

There was a steady stream of students coming to see the doctor,and the scene was very lively.For students with more dental problems,we put forward different dental care programs according to their own conditions,which were unanimously praised by the students.

As a responsible college student, students from the School of Stomatology contribute their own strength to the society and the country through practice, making themselves shine.Through this activity, the knowledge of oral health is more popular,and the students' attention to oral health has been improved,and the concept of health has been established.

We advocate students healthy teeth brushing,effective teeth brushing,keep their teeth healthy,and do a smiling person!Each of us should pay attention to oral hygiene,take good care of our teeth and have good teeth.Youth is not far away from the mountains and oceans,but only to the future of the home and country.With good teeth,you will also have a bright and beautiful future!


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