The School and Hosiptal of Stomatology of Fujian Medical University carried out the "World Oral Health Day" series of science popularization and free consultancy services


The School and Hosiptal of Stomatology, Fujian Medical University organized the dental angel volunteer service team to go to schools, communities and health service centers in Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Ningde and other places successively to carry out the "World Oral Health Day" series of oral science popularization and free consultancy services. Volunteers bring the concept of healthy oral care to the public and guide them to master the correct knowledge of oral health through the forms of dental care classes, interactive experience, popular science sketches, popular science short videos and so on. In this series of activities, our hospital has organized 9 online and offline activities (including 5 popular science lectures and 2 popular science sketches), published 2 short popular science videos, and sent 63 medical volunteers, including 11 experts and 28 student volunteers, to provide free medical consultancy and oral health examination for over 1100 people. 200 free toothbrushes and toothpaste were distributed. The activity was well received by the public friends, promoted the correct concept of oral health maintenance, and achieved a wide range of social benefits.