Oral Health and Non Communicable Diseases


Luangwa District Hospital has set up a tent at the "Luangwa Fish Habor". There are many traders at this location, which sees a number of cross border traders from the neighboring countries of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We are doing oral health check ups, while promoting messages of the risk factors for non communicable diseases such as oral cancers, diabetes and hypertension. The members of the public are being screened for hypertension as well as diabetes and Covid 19.

The public is being encouraged to avoid alcohol consumption, smoking of cigarettes and to reduce intake of sugars. In addition, we have integrated with the Coid 19 vaccination and HIV testing. Its a one stop shop, outreach activity.



Off D145 Road, Luangwa (Feira), Lusaka Province, Zambia.
10101 Luangwa

Luangwa Habor (Confluence Market)