Inauguration of the medical camp for oral and dental diseases in cooperation with the Yemeni Medicine Bank


On the occasion of the World Oral Health Day, March 20, the Yemeni Medicine Bank, in cooperation with Al-Razi University, is organizing a (medical camp for oral and dental diseases), where the camp targets 200 cases of the poor and most vulnerable in society.

Where the camp targets five medical-surgical interventions (removal of tartar and calcifications, endodontic treatment, periodontal disease, tooth extraction, and fillings).

Oral hygiene kits (paste, brush, and mouthwash) are distributed, and essential medicines are dispensed to the beneficiaries free of charge. 

The camp was opened at Al-Razi University in the presence of state ministers, prominent personalities, doctors and dental students.


Mohammed Qutran
Representative of the College of Dentistry، Member of the International Dental Students Association

Maeen _ Al-Rabat Street _ next to the Zakat Authority