Healthy Children's Teeth for a Healthier World by Avi Dent, Bulgaria

Social media campaign

Inspired by the last year WOHD 2020: Say Ahh: Unite for Mouth Health we decided to collaborate with SPLAT - profesional oral care products & to show that you can Be Proud Of Your Mouth with the right dental care.

Campaign plan:

20.03. - Social media post announcing WOHD campaign

22-26.03. - Each day we will post one of WOHD ready resources to spread awareness throught our social media channels

Offline activities during the week: we will give very detailed guidelines for oral care to our patients, main focus will be on children. We will give them a gift bag with SPLAT dental care for a good oral health. We will take pictures of children's smiles with WOHD frame.

 29.03. - We will post a collage of our happy patients.

31.03. - We will give futher information on SPLAT products and why we chose to partner with them.



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