Greek Senior Dental Students Celebrate WOHD2021 by Stomatological Society of Greece & Athens Dental Students' Association

Social media campaign

As a part of the WOHD2021 campaign, SSG along with Athens Dental Students' Association, organized a social media event (facebook) where students are encouraged to use the Be Proud of Your Mouth Create your own Poster app, to create a frmae with their smile and post it on their fb account. The three students with most 'likes' will be granded  a year memberiship to SSG Association. Students are also encouged to upload and make use other resourses of the campaign (translated in Greek), which will be provided through the SSG facebook account at the begining of each wekk, countdown to 20th of March (3 weeks).


17 Kallirrois
117 43 Athina

Stomatological Society of Greece