Be Mad about your Mouth and Tuubje


Elementary school for special education Sint-Rafaël in Sint-Job-In-‘-Goor and the Voorkempen Primary Care Zone have launched a campaign on oral hygiene, 'Wees Gek op je Bek’ (Be Mad about your Mouth’). The pupils at this school have a mental handicap and for them it is often not evident to brush their teeth every day. On Monday March 21st, the Mascot 'Tuubje' (Little Tube) invaded the classroom and gave the pupils some hands-on tips & tricks for oral hygiene. Pupils in 10 classrooms were given an electric toothbrush and tooth paste.

In the next two months, the pupils will be focusing on improving their oral hygiene every day. Teachers will also check to see if pupils have brushed adequately, and will brush their teeth afterward if necessary. Their progress will be assessed by dentists at the end of the campaign. It is the very first time that such a project has been set up in Flanders. The goal is ultimately to expand the project to more schools in the region.

Watch a video of the visit


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