Using the checklist with tips for governments

This Checklist with tips is designed for governments. A background document also accompanies the checklist providing further information about oral health – its issues, challenges and solutions.

We encourage you to send the Checklist with tips together with the Checklist backgrounder to key policymakers in your government or, better yet, arrange a face-to-face meeting with a government official and hand it to them directly.

Don’t just give this to your Ministry of Health, also reach out to other Ministries – such as Ministries of Finance, Social Affairs, and Education. We need multisectoral action within governments on oral health. Let us know whether you send this to your government at so we can keep track.

Checklist backgrounder

Checklist backgrounder

The Checklist backgrounder addresses why governments must safeguard the oral health of their citizens to help protect their mouth and bodies.

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Checklist with tips

This checklist is designed for governments and policymakers, with accompanying tips to see where policy improvements can still be made to help citizens Act on Mouth Health.

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