World Oral Health Day 2019 at Gold Coast Dental Services

Act On Mouth Health at Gold Coast Dental Services on March 20th and raise the awareness of good oral hygiene.

It's never too early to start learning good oral hygiene habits that stay with us for life.

1.Brush your teeth

2. Eat Healthy

3.Visit the Dentist

Visit us at Gold Coast Dental Services on World Oral Health Day and learn how to achieve your smile for life.

Limited availability for free examinations on the day and receive a hygiene pack to take home.


Say Ahh for World Oral Health Day

To celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) the Australian Dental Association (ADA) will be using social media communications to promote the importance of oral health care and reinforce the message that it is never to late to seek dental care and begin the journey in caring for your oral health. The ADA hopes to engage dental practices and individuals to take part in spreading this important message.

To align with WOHD, the ADA will also release new fact sheets for professional and public consumers providing oral health care tips. 

World Oral Health Day

To celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) and raise awareness of the importance of oral health, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) will promote oral health messages through our various social media channels including engaging dental practices and public consumers to assist in raising awareness. The ADA intends to release oral health tip sheets for public and professional consumers regarding daily oral health care, which professionals can use in practice, as well as being available online. 


As part of its constant endeavour Indian DEntal Association Gujarat state branch carrie out various dental awareness prorammes. As part of the theme of FDI WOHD celebrations wew have come out with a preventive oral health awarenes video to be circulated on various Social media platforms. The President Dr Bimal Vasani Hon Secy Dr Nitin Parikh and Chhairman Council on Dental Health Dr Pranav Chandarana request everyone in the dental fraternity to get together to create more preventive dental awareness.

World Oral Health Day-Meridian Community College

Our event will be held at Meridian Community College in partnership with the MS State Department of Health Office of Oral Health in conjunction with MCC's annual Spring Fling.  This event will be coordinated by the Dental Hygiene and Child Care Technology students with the focus being on the importance of taking care of baby teeth.  The goal of our WOHD event is to raise awareness on this campus about primary teeth and how they impact the permanent teeth.  MS has the worst oral health in the nation so we hope this awareness initiative will impact students not only as they seek careers and r

PROJECT OUTBACK DENTAL (POD) - Australia Outback Queensland

Event: Indigenous Children's Oral Health Examinaiton, Urgent Oral Treatments (OUT), and Preventative Dentistry Services

Location: Barcaldine, Australia (Outback Queensland)

website: www.projectoutbackdental.com.au

Project Outback Dental is a private dental service delivery initiative of Dr Garret Robles, a former Senior Lecturer in Clinical Dentistry at James Cook University in Australia.