Светски дан оралног здравља - Мислите на уста Мислите на здравље

Spremite se da kažete Aaaa 20. marta. 
Proslavljamo Svetski dan oralnog zdravlja (WOHD) kako bi podigli svest o važnosti zdravih usta i zdravog tela.
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Pruszków "Powiedz Aaa"

W tym roku chcemy dołączyć się do świętowania Światowego Dnia Zdrowia Jamy Ustnej. Z tej okazji 20 marca zapraszamy Państwa na bezpłatne przeglądy jamy ustnej i porady stomatologiczne.

Lekarze stomatolodzy udzielą wszystkich niezbędnych informacji jakie kroki należy podjąc aby jak najdłużej zachować zdrowie jamy ustnej .


Screening patients for diabetes and periodontitis Monash Health, Australia

Monash Health Dental Services have been celebrating World Oral Health Day as an opportunity to remove patients from waitlist and have successful removed hundreds of patients from the waitlist every year on the day. This year in addition to screening and educating the patients on prevention of tooth decay the team will focus on periodontal health which is the theme of World Oral Health Forum. Periodontitis is closely linked with general health and major NCDs, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Launch of Australia's Oral Health Tracker

To celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) and raise awareness of the importance of oral health, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) will be launching Australia’s Oral Health Tracker at Parliament House in Canberra.

Australia’s Oral Health Tracker, is a national report card on Australia’s oral health and highlights the intrinsic link between oral health and preventable chronic diseases, conditions and their risk factors, and so it is fitting to be launched on WOHD.

Billete Conmemorativo del Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental 2018, Lotería Nacional México

La Secretaría de Salud Federal, a través del Centro Nacional de Programas Preventivos y Control de enfermedades (CENAPRECE) celebra por cuarto año consecutivo el Día Mundial de la Salud Bucodental, emitiendo un billete de Lotería Nacional, con la participación del sector salud público, privado, gremio odontológico e industria de comercio dental.

Think mouth Think health

Dr. Nina Dental Clinic team of 5 dentist will give a presentation about oral health and hygiene to 220 kids at Nova International School as part of the Science fair where kids and their teachers and parents are taking active participance. After the presentation and workshop, quiz will be made and the best answers will be awarded.

World Oral Health Day, Islamabad

Basic Dental Screening and Oral Hygiene Awareness Sessions will be organised by a group of dentists for the underprivileged children of the capital city of Pakistan (Islamabad)
Educational activities (word search competition) and other fun filled activities such as face painting, dental photo booth and magic shows will be organised.