Serco Middle East - Transport celebrates World Oral Health Day 2017

The decision to create World Oral Health Day was taken at the World Dental Federation (FDI) Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) in Dubai in 2007. Its objective was to "develop activities and initiatives aimed at increasing awareness for oral health as well as the impact of oral diseases on general health, well-being and economy." Many diseases are linked to oral health, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

World Oral Health Day "Live Mouth Smart"

Celebrating WOHD in Minia University, in collaboration with Egyptian Society of Pediatric Dentistry and children with special needs. The event took place at the auditorium of the University. Including Awareness sessions, brushing techniques, diagnosis and simple polishing. With sessions of oral health tips for the university student from all faculties we were able to educate 400+ student about the importance of Oral health.

Run for Oral Health: "Healthy Mouth.Healthy Body" Marathon Team

Dentists from Palestinian Dental Association(PDA) and students from Al-Quds University Dental (AQU) school will run the Palestine Annual Marathon in one team called "Healthy Mouth.Health Body". We will also have a booth on the marathon under the slogan "Healthy Mouth.Healthy Body" to distribute tooth brushes, pastes and educational leaflets. Volunteers from both the PDA and the AQU will be at the booth all day to provide advice and demos on how to take a good care of your teeth and gum and raise awareness about the importance of oral health to general health.

Health smiles

01: Oral health education to non dental students at the Muhimbili university of health and allied science
02: Screening of oral disease
03: Possible treatment will be done at the site and referral will be given to the cases which will not manageable at the site

Let Iraq See Your Live Smile :)

The ICU Smile "Iraqi Community for Unified Smile" will hold many sub events in many of Iraqi cities but main event will be in the kirkuk city on the 19 March. The event will be held in university of kirkuk-college of dentistry and we will have students, doctors, professors, and volunteers promoting oral health and public awareness in everything related with the oral cavity health in this special day.

WOHD 2017

We have contacted with municipal authorities of 3 cities in Cyprus; Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta. We got permissions for placing pavilions in each city and enlighten citizens about the importance of oral health. The concept of the pavillons are world oral health day and we prepared posters and brochures to put on pavillons and distribute to citizens as well. We are planning to put mouth nd tooth brush models in pavilions to teach people how to brush and how to floss.We chose a primary school with 300 children with low socioeconomic level.