3.20 World Oral Health Day Kick-off Ceremony cum Carnival

In this oral health promotional activity echoing the World Oral Health Day, there will be various kinds of activities such as carnival games, star performance, oral health talks and exhibition, oral care workshop, tooth cleaning skill demonstration, etc. The half day event aims at encouraging the public to practise good oral self-care, seek for proper professional care and have good lifestyle.

EADS WOHD Campaigns 19

EADS is the Egyptian association of dental students which is all over Egypt 

We will organize many campaigns  by our all chapters inside their universities and outside it in orphans , schools and clubs 

Our target is to spread oral health awareness for more than 10.000 persons during March 2019 

We launch this campign last Friday 1 March in presence of 1500 DENTAL students and dentist 

And the photo in related to this application 

The Ibiza Education Retreat

Social media, new technology and constant innovations have the power to make dentistry attractive and inviting. However, this can come with the necessity for greater understanding of these technologies, including the investments and implications on daily clinical work. Lack of knowledge and understanding can lead to higher stress levels in the never-ending search for the perfect work-life balance.