Egyptian Dental Association

The Egyptians Dental Association will celebrate with British University In Cairo, the world Oral Health Day

The event will take place in the auditorium of the university 

The event will include session about how Dentists can celebrate WOHD

Also, oral health session will be presented in this event 


OEPN DOOR DAY "Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health"

Dental hygiene students of Panevėžys Applied Science University invites Panevėžys city community to visit Oral Care laboratory and to find answers to questions about oral care. There are organized different workshops for children, students and other visitors. It will be a possibility to test oral care products, to get information about mouth and body health importance. 

Curriculum starts at 9.00 a.m.

Say ahh with LADS - WOHD 2018

As future dentist, we have message to deliver to our colleagues, friends and society, it's not only that dentist are visited when you notice a decay or unbearable tooth ache, but emphasizes on the educational, preventive role that we also master to guide our patients to healthy mouth and so a healthy body.


AFTER defeating ISIS in our region and Mousil city , our public in last few years lost interest in oral health , WOHD18 is an extremely great way to remind our public about their health and oral health,in oral health day of 2018 as Kurdistan dental health organization our main goals and objectives are to impart information about health in such way that our audience are motivated to use that information for advancement of their own, his family’s or his community’s health. That includes informing people, motivating and guiding them into action to reach to final goal.

Ankara Says Ahh

Turkey, as a country that houses many Dentistry Faculties, is hosting a wide variety of educational events throughout the whole country. As the Ankara Team, we are planning a 4-day event, with the last day dedicated to social media only.