World Oral Health Day Celebration

Taking good care of your mouth, teeth and gums are important to maintain good general health. Good oral and dental hygiene prevent tooth decay and gum diseases. 

Keep your teeth clean, Keep your teeth healthy. 

If you Act on Mouth Health it will also have a positive impact on your general health and well-being. 

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CELEBRATING international happiness day with world oral health day

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated globally every year on 20 March. It is organized by FDI World Dental Federation and is the largest global awareness campaign on oral health.

WOHD spreads messages about good oral hygiene practices to adults and children alike and demonstrates the importance of optimal oral health in maintaining general health and well-being.

The official theme of the 2019 WOHD campaign is ‘Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health’. With this campaign, FDI calls on individuals to take tangible action to protect their oral health.

World Oral Health Day in Moldova organized by Stomatologists Association

Stomatologists Association from Republic of Moldova together with State University of Medicine and Pharmacy are using several methods for telling people how important is Oral Health on 20 March 2019. Groups of young doctors are ready for visiting 4 schools and 4 kindergartens and giving lessons to the children about the importance of keeping a good oral hygiene. Also their aim is to provide a good oral health in schools and kindergartens for children with desabilities and to show/ teach/help them how to clean teath.

Oral Health Day

For this Oral Health Day

The National Association of Dentists will organize near the principal university of the capital,

A sensibilisation with students 

We have choose one medical Office to do that 

We will inform peaople and students about oral hygiene

Make Free consultations

all dentists of the capital who can give us an help, can come find all member of the association to help.




Svjetski dan oralnog zdravlja 2019 (World Oral Health Day 2019)

This year we're making our event bigger and better than ever! Why stop at 1 day? Let's talk about oral health during this whole week!

Starting on Monday 18th March, we will "go on tour" and educate all types of people about oral health. Pre-school children, children that have just started elementary school, teenagers, students, future mothers, the elderly and everyone that might be interested in talking about oral health.

10th Aniversary C.A.S.O. Project

The Oral Health Support Center (C.A.S.O.) is a project developed by a portuguese NGO called Mundo a Sorrir. We exist since 2005 to promote Health and Oral Health as a universal right.

In 2009 we created a social dental clinic, that aims to provide dental treatments to the most disadvantedged populations, in order to improve their social integration. It started in the city of Porto, in 2015 was replicated in Braga and in 2018 in Lisbon. Since the begining we already treated more than 7.000 patients with more than 60.000 dental treatments.

World oral health day celebration

Two day celebration program is being hosted by Nepal Dental Association Sunsari branch on the occasion of world oral health day. On 19 th of march 2019 extempore speech competition was held for undergraduate and postgraduate students. On 20th of march there will be oral health rally at dharan and itahari in sunsari district. After that there will be school oral health camp at samyak sikshya school where there will also be held art competition among the students relating to oral health awareness.