WOHD in kurdistan

this is our second campaign after the 10.000 smiles campaign.

in this campaign we will have 10 events in crowded public places and resorts around the cities in kurdistan.

The 20th of march is not only the date of world oral health day. it is also the last day of the Kurdish calendar where everyone celebrates the year by ligting fires and dancing in places around the city.

KDHO will have posts in the three most crowded places in the cities.

10.000 smiles

This is the biggest fluoridation campaign that has been launched in Iraq and Kurdistan.

More than 300 dental students will participate in this campaign during march 10th to april 1st

The campaign will target 10.000 children in the KRG region in Iraq for fluoride application.

We will visit:

primary schools (hundreds of classrooms)

Refugee camps.


Children hospitals.

World Oral Health Day with HCCM

WOHD celebrations in HCCM will be held in different universities, such as Pavlov 1st SPbSMU (Saint-Petersburg),  SSMU (Tomsk), SGMU (Samara), UGMU (Yekaterinburg). Our members will have the following activities: 

1) On 20th of March SSMU students are preparing educational dental event for general audience at the city center. Their team is also planning to have free dental check-ups for kindergarten children; pediatric faculty students will also help to organise this event. 

Pasaules mutes veselības diena

We would like to make a campaign in the university for 2- 4 hours. Where people would be able to know more about there dental health, there would be involved dental hygiensts, dentists and dental students. We would like to use resources, like posters, checklists also we will educated people about right oral health, cleaning techniques, and answer all the questions.

Prophylaxis days 7.0: Say Ahh and Act On Mouth Health with TADS

The Tunisian Association of Dental Students, TADS as every year returns with its special event prophylaxis days with its 7th edition to celebrate the world oral health day and to make impact all over Tunisia by motivating people of different age groups about oral hygiene and inform them of their role in the prevention of caries and periodontal diseases to act on mouth health. Caries screening for children 3 to 11 years old. In this year’s edition we are upgrading to reach more people by going to 20 governates all over Tunisia.

Italian Dentist Student say: "Ahh"

AISO (Italian Dental Student Association), has decided to take part in WOHD.

We are going to organize events in 15 different cities throughout Italy.

We have decided to cover a wider target of people, so the events will take place in different locations, both in schools and in nursing homes, squares and universities.

We think we could increase awareness about the importance of oral health of at least 15000 people.

Almería Boca Sana

Campaign on social networks (twitter, facebook and instagram) from the Ilustre Colegio de Dentistas de Almería (Almería, Spain) to raise awareness of Oral Health Day and benefits of having a healthy mouth 

Sensibilisation d'hygiène bucco-dentaire dans les écoles

Le Cameroun comme le reste des pays du monde célèbre la Journée mondiale de la santé bucco-dentaire le 20 mars de chaque année. A cette occasion l'association vie et solidarité programme des campagnes de sensibilisation d'hygiène bucco-dentaire en faveur des enfants.

À cet effet l'association vie et solidarité organise une semaine de sensibilisation avec les enfants des écoles de quartier défavorisé.

Powiedz aaa #komfortowo!

Powiedz aaa komfortowo!

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