Live Public awareness talk through radio station,Women’s Dental Council Palakkad

On behalf of World Oral Health Day,Women’s wing of Indian Dental Association,Palakkad branch conducting a live talk show holding the 2019 campaign theme’Say Ahh:Act on Mouth Health’.We raise our voice to deliver the message;Better Teeth Better Health,through the most available media even in the rural areas,along with public interaction in Ahalia Voice 90.4FM radio station.

‘Act on Mouth Health’

Committed to helping raise awareness about the importance of optimal oral health and about good oral hygiene practices, the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) supports FDI World Dental Federation in celebrating World Oral Health Day 2019, and in spreading the message that “if you Act on Mouth Health it will also have a positive impact on your general health and well-being”.

SIBAR’s ‘Say Ahh’ awareness rally – A Rural Outreach (Namburu)

•It is certain that rural population have a geographical disadvantage with regard to access to oral health care services. However, it is equally true that the magnitude of oral health neglect is comparatively higher in rural areas.

•In complete support to FDI’s initiative to promote oral health in general with specific emphasis on vulnerable population, an oral health awareness campaign “Say Ahh – A Rural outreach”  was organised by the Department of Public Health Dentistry, SIBAR Institute of Dental Sciences in Namburu, a village in the field practice area of the institution.

DI AHH “ La prevención es tu mejor opción”

Mi aporte en esta campaña es mediante la promoción, difusión, edición y traducción al español de los afiches de activación de campaña (campaign activation) que no se encuentran disponibles en nuestro idioma.

La difusión de los afiches en redes sociales están acompañados del mensaje principal de la campaña, mensajes secundarios e información sobre salud bucodental,  la difusión de los afiches de manera física se distribuyen en colegios de educación inicial, institutos pedagógicos de educación y hospitales de la Ciudad de Arequipa y Lima. 

Dra. Lucy Portillo.

World Oral Health Day

We have an aim: to make people understand how important is their oral health and to show them all the methods of keeping a good oral hygiene. Our day will start in kindergardens and schools, were some lessons about oral hygiene will be held. We could not avoid also the schools and kindergardens for children with desabilities. There, groups of young doctors will help them to provide a correct teeth cleaning and to explain children how to manage to do it by themselves. Another important part of our event is to inform how many possible people about the  ways of keeping a good oral hygiene.

World Oral Health Day 2019 - 'Dentists On Radio'

WOHD2019 'Dentists on Radio' is an initiative of the dental professionals serving in Southern Kaduna with reference to the Dental department of sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa Memorial Hospital, Kafanchan. While part of the team will be in the facility, few will be live on air on Salama Radio 98.1 FM to sensitize the public on the theme of this year's WOHD2019. Phone lines will be opened for listeners to call in and will be directed to check-in the dental facility for free checkups and appropriate services. 

Open Day Free Camp for Oral Screening and Consultation with Treatment on Special Spricing

Vital Voyage Dental Health Care, Chennai will conduct Oral health Awareness Camp, Oral screening & Oral Health awareness talk by Dr Vadivelan Jeyachandran on 20 March 2019. Sensitizing the Children, Youth, Adults and Senior citizen on the importance on Oral Health. Emphasis will be made on Oro Systemic relation. Will also cover General Health, Ill effects of tobacco, Importance of Oral Hygiene.

London Smiles Daily

"Come and celebrate on 20th March and join a global movement. "World Oral Health Day is celebrated globally every year on 20 March to highlight the importance of oral health for a healthy body. We  recommend practicing good oral care, avoiding risk factors such as an unhealthy diet - particularly one high in sugar, and having regular dental check-ups to protect oral health and general health at all ages.