Photo competition to encourage daily brushing

Happy Kids Dental is the largest paediatric dental clinic in the UK and promotes a preventive approach to dental healthcare.Â
That is why we encourage every child to take part in the global oral health awareness initiative - World Oral Health day.

We have prepared a list of activities for the Oral Health Day in 2019:

1)30 day challenge with opportunity to win prizes (ends 30th April, prize sent to the winner - first week of May)

Say Ahh: Act on mouth health

- Donation and education in public hospital department for geriatric adults

- Donation and education in public hospital department for children with special needs

- Education of children with special needs in high school

- Education workshop with the children with Down syndrome

- TV and newspaper promotion

- Promotion of the oral health and dental education in City park Skopje - 

Faculty of Dentistry, Kuwait University celebrates WOHD

The Faculty of Dentistry is dedicated to raising the awareness on the prevention and control of oral diseases through our community out-reach activities. In this regard, the Faculty of Dentistry is planning to conduct an Oral Health Awareness Campaign on 20th March,2019 from 8.00AM -2.00 PM. The students and faculty at the FoD, KU would be participating in this event. Educational booths on various topics of interest to the general public would be set up.

Say Aahh & Act on Oral Health with KIDS

DThe Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences, KIIT Deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar in assoiation with IDA Temple City Branch  is going to observe and celebrate, World Oral Health Day 2019, from  18th March to 20th March 2019, with following events:

on 18th March 2019, Oral Health Awareness camp at Basundhara Orphanage Home from 11:00 am to 01:00 pm, where more than 300 orphan children will be joining us.  

Let's Talk About Oral Health

Mashhad Dental students will celebrate WOHD 2019 through communicating with people about oral health, explaining how to clean their teeth using toothbrushes, dental floss, and fluoride mouthrinse.Also, they will talk about causes and riskfactors of dental caries, heathy nutrition to provide oral health and general health in Mashhad Mellat park,  In front of a shoping mall, University campus, and one kindergarten.

World Oral Health Day 2019

On 20th March 2019, the faculty and students of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) will be celebrating WOHD'19 in accordance with the theme of this year. An oral health awareness session along with basic dental screening of underprivliged children will be carried out followed by distribution of toothcare kits to them. Apart from this, a poster and table clinic competetion between dental students, highlighting the effects of oral disese on systemic health, has also been organized.