Smile Express

Smile Express Campaign is to raise awareness among school children and rural Population.

Our team Planning to Collaborate with 600 plus schools and targeting around 2 Lack Children's in a year. We will provide Free dental Check up Camp, Awareness lecture, and Formulation of Oral Health Card. We will also generate fund to start a mobile dental van to cater people in rural areas. It will be fully equipped van to provide on the spot diagnostic and treatment services. 

‘Think mouth’ and learn about the role of low calorie sweeteners in oral health

Committed to helping raise awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and of the impact of oral diseases not only on the mouth but also on overall health, the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) supports FDI World Dental Federation in celebrating World Oral Health Day, with the publication of a press release on 20th March, together with a dedicated animated video and infographic, to highlight the importance of maintaining oral health and to provide tips for oral health and hygiene habits, as oral health is crucial for overall health and well-being.

En Venezuela, El Zulia dice Ahh

Como Programa de Salud Bucal Regional adscrito a la Secretaria de Salud del Estado, nos avocaremos a celebrar el día Mundial de la Salud Oral abordando los niveles preventivos, educativos e interceptivos de la salud bucal. Ello a través de diferentes actividades encaminadas a crear conciencia en nuestra población a cerca de la importancia y el impacto de la salud estomatognática en la calidad de vida de cada uno de nosotros.


Entre las actividades destacarán: