World Oral Health Day 2017- "Live Mouth Smart" all over Hong Kong

In support of the appeal from the FDI World Dental Federation, the Department of Health of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has organized a vast array of awareness-raising activities to spread the theme “Live Mouth Smart” throughout the region. These included radio and television broadcast, newspaper advertorial, exhibition panels in public transport, drawing and colouring activity in schools.

WOHD 2017

Each branch is going to plan a preventive campaign in different way. These interventions will be focused on oral disease, such as periodontal disease, oral cancer, tooth decay and on the modifiable risk factors, like tobacco, alcohol and a diet high in fats and sugars.
We are going to explain people how to ward off oral disease and risk factors, by teaching them the right norm of oral hygiene; showing them the effects of poor oral health on a person's overall wellness.

World Oral Health Day Event

On 20th of March 2017 the WOHD we as Turkey are planning an event with 25 instructors and the Hatay team. As a big dental student group we will go to the Suleyman Shah primary school to give brushing technique and oral hygiene education to their 600 students. The training will start at 10 am and end at 12 pm. At the end of the day tooth brushes and paste will be give away to all the students.

Prophylaxis Days

Awareness about Oral Health hygiene.
Teaching students the correct way to brush their teeth.
Make awareness campaign reach the needy rural areas.
Free examinations to students inside schools.

Oral Health begins with us!

- Workshop of Interpretation of blood tests (2 sessions): The aim of this activity is to encourage students to understand the importance of an integral approach towards their patients, because we as health professionals should know, understand and be able to guide the overall treatment of our patients. That's why we decide to open the WOHD with a general health workshop.

Word Oral Health Day(WOHD)

We are for the most part targeting youthful youngsters, so we will work in grade schools and a focal point of handicapped kids where we will educate about oral cleanliness and essential diseases that can be found in their age group. we have likewise wanted to converse with the populace everywhere where will contact the number of inhabitants in Impare town amid the umuganda(community work in Rwanda).