"Beauty Smile for All"- BS4A-

The cameroon Dental Therapists and Hygienists Association in collaboration with AIDSfreeAFRICA will organised for the first time an outreach campaign on the 20 March 2018- oral health world day-, the oral health campaign will be focus among special need patients atteinding special schools. The campaign will be focus on teaching you to brush their teeth and free consultation.

SADA World Oral Health Day Activities 2018

To celebrate WOHD 2018, the South African Dental Association has planned the following activities for the month of March 2018:

1. Volunteers visiting about 30 Primary Schools in disadvantage areas, reaching 6000 kids between the age of 4 - 8 with the message of Say Ahh

2. Visiting 10 Old Age Homes, reaching about 1000 elderly people with the message of Think Mouth, Think Health

3. Radio Broadcasts from Monday 19 March to Friday 23 March by the Periodontist Society in SA (SASPIO), covering different topics as follows and reaching 1.7 million people:

Celebration of WOHD in Burkina

Date: March 20th

Place: OUAGA I Pr Joseph KI Zerbo University 

7h-10h: awareness about WOHD theme in classrooms
10h-18h: depistage 

18h-20h: Conference about the following topic:
Oral health in Burkina: report and perspectives.

10 000 persons (students, teachers and administration workers) will be reached 

World Oral Health Day

In occasione della Giornata Mondiale della Salute Orale, la sede locale AISO di Palermo contribuirà alla sensibilizzazione della popolazione con uno stand informativo.

Data e Luogo dello stand:

Martedì, 20 Marzo 2018

Dipartimento di Chirurgia, Oncologia e Odontostomatologia, Plesso di Odontoiatria, Policlinico Paolo Giaccone, Via del Vespro 129, 90127, Palermo

Gardez le Sourire

Every year, the UNECD (National Union of French Dental Students) organize a prevention campaign for young adults (students between 18 and 25 years old) on national scale.

Who are the participants ?

Each of the 16 local dental students associations, members of the UNECD, participate to this event.

When ?

All along March and specially the 20th of March for some local associations

Why ?

It's important for us to realize our project the same month or day than World Oral Health Day.