‘Think mouth’ and learn about the role of low calorie sweeteners in oral health

Committed to helping raise awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and of the impact of oral diseases not only on the mouth but also on overall health, the International Sweeteners Association (ISA) supports FDI World Dental Federation in celebrating World Oral Health Day, with the publication of a press release on 20th March, together with a dedicated animated video and infographic, to highlight the importance of maintaining oral health and to provide tips for oral health and hygiene habits, as oral health is crucial for overall health and well-being.

En Venezuela, El Zulia dice Ahh

Como Programa de Salud Bucal Regional adscrito a la Secretaria de Salud del Estado, nos avocaremos a celebrar el día Mundial de la Salud Oral abordando los niveles preventivos, educativos e interceptivos de la salud bucal. Ello a través de diferentes actividades encaminadas a crear conciencia en nuestra población a cerca de la importancia y el impacto de la salud estomatognática en la calidad de vida de cada uno de nosotros.


Entre las actividades destacarán:


In the Schools, Education of the Children -Oral Hygiene Instructions, Brushing Thechniques......Distibution of a Toothbrush and toothpaste to each Child.

In the Community Centers- Education of the Parents and Adults, Importance of Oral Hygiene and Keeping Teeth nin the mouth for life as much as possible with regular check ups and proper care.


Let's Celebrate World Oral Health Day at Gold Coast Dental Services, Pacific Fair

Celebrate World Oral Health Day at Gold Coast Dental Services on March 20th and raise the awareness of good oral hygiene! 

It's never too early to start learning great oral hygiene habits that will stay with us for life.

  1. Brush your Teeth
  2. Eat Healthy
  3. Visit the Dentist

Visit us at Gold Coast Dental Services in Pacific Fair on World Oral Health Day and learn how to achieve your smile for life. Oral Hygiene packs available on the day-limit 1 per person.  Call us today on 07 5538 6277.

Abraham's Children Foundation School Oral Health Campaign Project

A child's Oral Health impacts on physical and mental health, school absenteeism and drop out rates.Abraham's Children Foundation is out to provide skill based oral health education to children. We promote healthy behaviour as a means of preventing oral health diseases in children.

Our fist visit to Alimosho Local Government on the 14th of March,2018 had over 500 children being taught the correct way to brush teeth, floss and maintain a good oral hygiene.

Santa Ana dice AHHH

Hace 4 años venimos haciendo campaña para mejorar la salud oral de la población en Santa Ana

con resultados muy buenos, este año sera una nueva  campaña de concientización y promoción sobre salud oral y su relación con la salud general.

En las escuelas y otras instituciones,estaran  los afiches con el eslogan DI Ahh piensa en tu boca, piensa en tu salud.

Abraham's Children Foundation School Oral Health Campaign Project

In commemoration of  World Oral Health  Day, (20th March, 2018), Abraham's Children Foundation will be reachig out  to  1000 primary school children and 200 teachers selected from Jinadu Primary School,Surulere;Alwajud Primary School,Lawanson; and Perfection Gate Schools, Alimosho, all domiciled  in Lagos State,Nigeria.We do this because poor oral health has been found to have detrimental effect on children’s quality of life, performance in school and success later in life.

World Oral Health Day Campaign

In celebration of the World Oral Health Day this year, the Sudanese Association of Dental students plans to take action, raise awareness of oral health and oral disease, encourage positive behavior and thereby help reduce the overall disease burden by organizing a campaign that takes place from the 20th of March till the 31st.

The campaign includes:

  • Multiple health awareness events in many areas (Exhibitions, games, contests, sketches, etc.)
  • Social Media and traditional media camaign
  • Symposium
  • Free dental treatment

Help promote good oral hygiene tips this World Oral Health Day

The BDA is encouraging dentists to fly the flag for World Oral Health Day on Tuesday 20 March by helping to promote positive oral health messages to patients.

World Oral Health Day is organised by the FDY World Dental Federation and aims to make oral health a priority issue for government and policymakers worldwide. This year's theme is 'Say Ahh: think mouth, think health' – and FDI is encouraging dentists across the world to get involved.