Smiles across miles awareness.

Research shows that there is a strong connection between a healthy mouth and overall health. As a result, we've launched a worldwide Brushing and flossing awareness campaign to educate everyone,Yes everyone all of us (7,714,576,923) about the importance of Oral Health.

All it takes brushing thrice and floss twice a day and you can enjoy your smile like a Pro.

Dr.Vipula Wickramasinghe

Campaign throughout the country on dental screening on train carraiges in five different places.

Local educational art exhibition on 16/17th of March with participaton of 3000 individuals (total at five places 15,000).

On 18th all train carraiges will leave to place where the main programm happens, this special train is called SMILE ART TRAIN.

Say Ahh Act On Mouth Heath With LADS

This year, our campaign is broader, our goal is not only to reach as many as we can but also to emphasize and focus on the dental and oral health principles and not only give them to the population but let them take these instructions and advice back home to their families and friends.

and so, we made a calendar with our campaign from 24 February till 13 April, we made sure to cover all age groups starting from nursery till old aged, giving a huge focus on geriatrics and paediatrics.

Oral Health

Good Neighbors Mongolia conducted to raising children’s awareness on the prevention and control of oral diseases. ‘Say: Act on Mouth Health’ motivates individuals to take charge of their own oral health by taking specific action to prevent oral disease and safeguard their overall health. 

  1. Prevention of oral diseases for  children’s video contest
  2. Prevention and control oral diseases drama contest

Slovak Dental Chamber

Preventive event for 12-15 year old schoolchildren contains :

  • How correctly make tooth brushing? Only toothbrush is not enaugh...
  • Dental caries and oral diseases which can affect teenagers.
  • Small oral chemistry
  • How can sweets cause acidity?
  • Drinks and food which damage teeth.