Am I missing a TOOTH? No one can take our SMILE away except bad habits! SO keep it away.

A Campaign all over Egypt about how bad habits as pen biting, smoking, eating ice and lemon sucking etc .. can affect tooth health, support and cause easy and early  loss of it.

The campaign will be including more than 6 governorates in Egypt’s clubs, schools and universities. We are aslo targeting farmers and workers all over Egypt to raise their dental awarnes.



WORLD ORAL HEALTH DAY 2018- C.O.D.S., Gandaki Medical College, Nepal.

COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGERY (C.O.D.S), GANDAKI MEDICAL COLLEGE in collaboration with NEPAL DENTAL ASSOCIATION-GANDAKI BRANCH, is observing WORLD ORAL HEALTH, 2018. The day will see Oral Health Awareness Rally, Health Talk in Local Radio, Poster Design Competition and Slogan Writing Competition, Free Oral Health Screening and Education, Counselling local people regarding adverse effects of bad oral habits.

Semana de la Salud Bucal en OdontoFlores

Del 19 al 24 de Marzo del 2018 te invitamos a nuestra #Semanadesaludbucal una semana donde realizaremos charlas educativas, campañas de prevención y donde además nuestros tratamientos bajan de costo para todos los seguidores y suscriptores de fan page de facebook y demás redes sociales, con promociones, packs de higiene oral y descuentos exclusivos en todos nuestros tratamientos, que les permita acceder a una atención dental de calidad, conveniente y al alcance de su presupuesto, con los mejores materiales, insumos y técnicas

WOHD commemoration

Oral health check-up for vulnerable and orphaned children at SOS school.

Oral health education and demonstration of good oral hygiene habits.

Demonstration of hand washing techniques, prompted by the recent cholera outbreak.


World Oral Health Day, Hong Kong

To promote World Oral Health Day, a vast array of mass media and school-based promotion activities were conducted throughout Hong Kong in February and March, including exhibition panels in public transport facilities, radio and television broadcasts, newspaper advertorials, games on social media, and poster display in housing estates, private dental clinics, public amenities, secondary schools, etc.