Erbil, Sulaimani, Duhok, Kirkuk, Iraq: World Oral Health Day by Kurdistan Dental Health Organization (KDHO)

“All people smile in the same language. – Proverb”

Being in state of war and financial state our public is losing interest in oral health overall and in order to promote, remind our public about their health is least we can do as being responsible individuals in this community, in order to make our community at least to smile in oral health day would be a massive accomplishment as future dentists and citizens of Kurdistan. 

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: World Oral Health Day 2020 Campaign: #UniteforMouthHealth by Malaysian Dental Association

Nationwide collaboration lead by Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) in collaboration with the Oral Health Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH); Dental Services of the Malaysian Armed Forces; Dental Dean's Council of Malaysia; Academy of Medicine Malaysia; College of Dental Specialists; Malaysian Dental Student's Association (MDSA), and supported by 3M Oral Care Malaysia. This campaign is characterised by the inclusiveness and community centred initiatives driven by diverse contributors.The objective was to carry WOHD 2020 throughout the year. The initiatives include:

Al Jizah, Egypt: Unite for Mouth Health (Online Campaign) by Dental Students' Scientific Association of Misr University for Science & Technology University (DSSA-MUST)

As usual every year, we were working to organize the "World Oral Health Day" in the best manner. But unexpectedly this year, in solidarity with the "World Health Organization", we have cancelled all arrangements for the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) due to the repercussions associated with the emerging coronavirus.Therefore, we will rely on comprehensive awareness of oral and dental health using awareness campaigns on social media such as (Facebook and Instagram).

Caloocan, Philippines: WOHD by PDA-Kalookan City Dental Chapter

Use of,,, and TikTok Mobile Application for World Oral Health Day Activity through posting of Oral Health Awareness Posters and Video by PDA, WOHD Theme "SayAah: Unite For Mouth Health", Tooth brushing Drill video by PDA, Campaign Against Anti-Illegal Practice, Use of WOHD Pledge Profile Template, Pledge Cards and others.

Casablanca, Morocco: Hed Soualem Prophylaxis Campaign by Universite Mohamed 6 des Sciences de la Sante

Hed soualem is a rural area next to a big city but that is often forgotten about when it comes to oral health awareness.

Therefore we organised a prophylaxis campaign aimed at 158 children aged between 6 and 13 years old

A lesson about oral health and a teeth brushing demonstration were planned. The distribution of oral hygiene products at the end to all 158 children was done.

Taliouine, Morocco: Taliouine Prophylaxis Campaign by Universite Mohamed 6 des Sciences de la Sante

Taliouine is a very remote area in the South of Morocco, where access to oral health education is very limited.

We have decided to participate in a medical caravan in Taliouine to cover the dental health aspect.

The prophylaxis campaign was aimed at 500 children aged between 6 and 12 yearsold

A lesson about oral health and a teeth brushing demonstration were planned. The distribution of oral hygiene products at the end to all 500 children was done.

Khartoum, Sudan: World Oral Health Day - Sudan by Sudanese Association Of Dental Students

1- 14 /3/2020 : Opening Ceremony (Conference + training sessions) :


- Targeted group : Attendees and Participants.


- Tools : Lecture and Training sessions ( Presentation Skills + Team Working )


- Location : Unassigned yet



2- 17,18 /3/2020 : Local offices awareness programs 


- Targeted group : Patients, Students, Teacher Assistants, Doctors, College Staffs


- Tools : Awareness


- Location : Universities and dental schools



Wakatobi, Indonesia: “The Smile Hero” Inviting Everyone to Spread The Importance of Brushing Your Teeth at Night by Indonesian Dental Association

This year PDGI Bau-Bau branch and Nusantara Sehat celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD) in Wakatobi island. WOHD is held together with a COVID 19 prevention campaign related to the spread of coronavirus. The activity was carried out in elementary school attended by 100 children.

Amman, Jordan: World Oral Health (Dental Health Awareness) by Jordanian Association Of Dental Students

To send our message viashort posts and videos , increasing the level of awareness about oral Health for all the community levels .

It includes mainly a short “SAY AH” video from all our committee members. 

Short posters about “How to brush your teeth” are planned to be posted on school’s groups on Facebook since we can’t do a real events due to the quarantine.