"Oral Health MATTERS","سلامت دهان مهمه","La santé bucco-dentaire est IMPORTANTE", "صحة الفم مهمة"


Given the acceptable vaccination coverage for COVID-19 in Iran (approximately 70% two-doses vaccinated), this year, our campaign (the 4th oral health campaign) will be conducted in two forms: virtual and in place, considering protective protocols against COVID. This campaign aims to increase people's understanding of the significance of oral health care, what does it mean when we say "oral health matters"? Why is it important? How relevant it is to general health? How can we care about oral health? How to brush our teeth effectively? How to floss our teeth correctly without hurting the gum? What should we consider when we want to buy a toothbrush and dental floss? How often should we make a dental appointment? to whom we should go when we have a problem with our mouth; a specialist or a general dentist? How can we use sugar and added sugar products and have fewer decayed teeth? 

In addition, given that Mashhad is a religious city where many pilgrims from other Muslim countries travel, we consider raising their awareness about oral health and the above-mentioned subjects. So, we use three other languages such as English, Arabic and French with Persian in our posters and face-to-face education in some of the main religious centres.





Razavi Khorasan Province
Vakilabad Blvd, Azadi square, Mashhad Dental School

Mashhad Dental School, Iranian Association of Dental Public Health (Member of Iranian Dental Association)