Let's Smile

We're senior dental students at Taibah University Dental College and Hospital , and we are celebrating the World Oral Health Day 2017 ( WOH 2017 ) in our region by an event. This event is to be held in Alkhandak schools, Madina, Suadi Arabia at 15 of Mar 2017 starting from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. In this event we attend to reach the following objectives:

  • Community oriented education and motivation toward oral health.
  • Oral health promotion and disease prevention.

Since we are going to celebrate WOH 2017 with primary and elementary school students, our policy is to reach these two main objectives by Fun to Learn concept. Our event will include:

  • Screening
  • BMI calculation
  • Oral heath promotion and educational material
  • Screening of plaque and calculus indexes (student will use disclosing agents)
  • Activities and games