World Oral Health Day – March 2017

The SDC is participating in World Oral Health Day with an event to:

  • Promote a culture of oral health and dental care, as prevention is always better than curing.
  • Raise the culture of the society to know more about the cure options and its different types.
  • Educate the society about their rights towards the dentist.
  • Promote health education of the most important common diseases that affect oral and dental health and explain the ways of Prevention.
  • Correction of common oral and dental health mistakes deployed between community groups
  • Answer the inquiries regarding oral and dental health.
  • Spread the culture of volunteerism among the students and refine their skills.
  • Dental check-ups and referral of the necessary conditions to Taibah University DentalClinics.
  • Statistical work and research about the State of Oral and Dental Health among Al-Madinah Citizen