World Oral Health Day event by Sohag Dental Syndicate / اليوم العالمى لصحة الفم والأسنان برعاية نقابة أطباء الأسنان بسوهاج

Sohag Dental Syndicate will organize world oral health day event in cooperation with Egyptian Dental Syndicate , Sohag University , Directorate of Health in Sohag and Macro pharma Co. on Monday 20/3/2017 - 10:00 a.m at Sohag University
The program of the event is :
- Awareness campaign about Oral health to University Staff and Students
- Dental Examination
- Oral Hygiene Samples , Banners, Posters And Some Oral Health Advertisement Materials
This event will be under patronage of Prof. Safa Mahmoud Elsayed (president of Sohag University ) - DR. Gamal Abd-El Halim (Head of sohag Dental Syndicate) - DR.Mohamed Alaa ( Supervisor of WOHD in EDS) and DR. Mustafa Assem ( Supervisor of WOHD in SDS )

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