World Oral Health Day - Gaza


  1. Welcoming guests and the opening ceremony with the faculty and University headboard.
  2. New patients visiting us in the college check up and regestration.
  3. Students check up of all majors.
  4. University emplyees teeth cleaning and polishing.
  5. Videos will be screening on the LCD screens in the University.
  6. Groups of 5 will head to three restaurants for awareness and checkup.. And an intreview with the public on what do they know on oral health and oral cancer.
  7. A kindergarden class is arranged to visit.. Play with the kids, entertain them and paint on their faces to ease the process of check up.
  8. A class of preparatory school students are also expected to show up during the day..
  9. Our public relation team will head to different RadioStations to talk about oral health and WOHD and aware people on the importance of a regular check up.
  10. We'll have a photographer and different photo frames to take pics and selfies for memory.
  11. At the end of the day, we'll create a human figure representing a molar and it will be photoshooted from the roof.
  12. Blue Helium ballons representing the color of WOHD will be released in the air and videoed by a drone. 

And that's How we have a VERY FUN WOHD from start to finish. 


  1. Spread the word that we have a World Oral Health Day event on 20/  March.. Everyone has to know. 
  2. Aware people of how important it is to regularly check up their teeth and oral health and what are the consequences of neglecting any bad sign.
  3. Register a considerable number of visiting patients to be contacted after for treatment in the Faculty.
  4. Break that fear that kids have for a dentist visit.. Even One kid is an accomplishment.
  5. Thanking Our Uni workers and Faculty staff and appreciating their efforts with us and give them a teeth checkup, cleaning and polishing.
  6. Enjoy the day & break the ice with our new students and the students in other majors.
  7. Make the whole World SMILE SMILE SMILE & SMILE.
  8. Have Fun and enjoy that one day of the year.
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