Get Involved

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) would not be the success it is without the commitment and dedication of people like you. We rely on your actions to engage others locally to raise awareness on the prevention and control of oral diseases.

There are many ways you can dedicate your time to WOHD, so let's get started by selecting how you wish to get involved below:

  • Get the WOHD cover photo or frame on your social media profile and share the memes and video with your friends and family
  • Include the two campaign hashtags in your posts and tweets #SayAhh #WOHD19
  • Complete the Checklists with Tips to see if you're doing everything you can to #ActOnMouthHealth

Events Map

If you're organizing an event, be sure to let everyone know! Access the Events Map to add your event and see what others are organizing. It will take roughly two minutes, and you'll need to provide:

  1. Event title
  2. Description
  3. Image
  4. Location
  5. Organizer information (this will be saved and completed automatically if you're logged in)

And did we mention that by submitting an event, you are eligible for a WOHD award?

View Events Map

My Poster customization app

The poster customization app is now live. This year, apart from the customary poster and Twitter/Facebook headers, you'll be able to create Instagram stories, Facebook profile frames, and a universal post that can be used on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Customize your WOHD visual

I #ActOnMouthHealth by... selfie campaign

This year we're asking the world how they Act on Mouth Health by posting a selfie acting on mouth health. For this campaign to be a success, we're counting on you, our WOHD ambassadors, to activate in your networks.

How does this work:

  1. Take a selfie acting on mouth health. That could be brushing your teeth, visiting the dentist, eating healthy, etc.
  2. Post to your Twitter or Instagram profile using the hashtag #ActOnMouthHealth

Social Media Guide

Whether you're new to social media or a seasoned professional, take a moment to read through our social media guide. The guide includes some valuable information about how to engage with your audience, share the appropriate information, and connect with others interested in oral health.

Please note, this is premium content available to all who are logged in to the website.

Download Social Media Guide

  • Promote WOHD by adding to the homepage of your dental practice
  • Organize an 'open day' at your dental practice and invite people for free dental check-ups
  • Submit your event to the WOHD Events Map for visibility
  • Print the WOHD 'Dental Practice' poster and hang it at your dental practice
  • Print copies of the Checklists with Tips and distribute to your patients at your dental practice
  • Use the two campaign hashtags in your promotion and join the global conversation #SayAhh #WOHD19
  • Partner up with the International Association of Dental Students to celebrate WOHD
  • Print the WOHD 'Main' poster and hang it at your university
  • Set up an information booth at a shopping mall to introduce people to 'Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health' and distribute the brochure on 'understanding the mouth and body connection'
  • Organize a fundraising dinner, a fun run, or a dancing competition to get people's interest in WOHD
  • Submit your event to the WOHD Events Map for visibility
  • Use the two campaign hashtags in your promotion and join the global conversation #SayAhh #WOHD19