Excellence Oral Health Care

Dental check-ups

Be Proud Of Your Mouth campaign, by Excellence Co, Tripoli Libya


We are Libyan academy for raising efficiency of dentists . We leading a project called "Sound tooth"  with the aim of spreading awareness about oral and dental health thorugh social media and live events.

We did hand crafts and games to teach the kids through a fun simple way. Moreover, we did live demonstrations on both teeth brushing and flossing and all the kids had teeth brushing calendars.

We also gave a session to the care givers to educate them about the way of taking care of the children's oral health through the different age stages, how to deal with oral habits and emergencies like teeth avulsion.


Also, our dental clinics provided all the kids and the teens with dental check ups and arranged free treatment appointments for the urgent cases.




Ain Zara Almashtel

Tripoli Ain Zara